Monthly Devotions

Even Bulls Can Learn To Get Along

A bull customer recently asked me when we delivered his new bull how we kept our herd bulls from fighting and tearing up the place when we put them back together after the breeding season, or when we introduce new bulls into the herd. I knew that he routinely drove by our place several times each week, and it was obvious that he had been paying close attention to our bulls.


Changed Minds

I always try to tie my devotional articles to something that is agriculture related. Sometimes it is a story about something that actually happened on the farm, while other times it may just be something that is just a part of living the farm life. After writing these articles for the Alabama Farmer's Cooperative News for over 10 years now, I have to confess that sometimes I find it difficult to find an Ag related illustration that fits the spiritual truth that I want to convey. Other times, like in this case, I think of an illustration that 'somewhat' connects with my story and my way of thinking, but I find it difficult to use in a way that is not offensive or that could be seen as a little 'graphic' for the lack of a better word. Well, here goes!


Today is the Day

This condition is not an everyday occurrence, but it does happen from time to time and usually has a detrimental effect of some kind on the cow's health and her ability to rebreed in a timely manner. Potential causes, as well as recommended treatment options, have changed through the years and disagreement on what to do when this situation arises still exists from Veterinarian to Veterinarian or from rancher to rancher depending on their past experiences. In my own experiences, I have tried some of all of the recommended treatment options from the most conservative (doing nothing) to the most advanced (invasive manual removal) and still do not know which one is the most effective and beneficial for the cow.


Sometimes We See What's Not There

We are always thankful and encouraged when Cattlemen, Ranchers and others donate cattle, equipment, feed, seed and other supplies to help us grow and maintain our Cattle for Christ cattle herds in AL and TX. In fact, we could not do the work of the ministry both here at home and around the world if it were not for the cash and non-cash donations of those who give sacrificially to make our work possible. It was on one of these trips to pick up donated cattle more than 500 miles from home when I found myself on the road during Easter weekend.


Why Do You Farm?

Last Sunday night at church, a couple of senior farmer friends were sitting on the pews near me and I asked them to tell me why they farm. Almost simultaneously both of them said with a smile, "It's sure not because you hope to make a lot of money!" My brother in law says, "You don't make any money at it, but it's worth it just to be in the business." I asked the two fellows to be thinking about the question and give me their answer after the service because I planned to write this month's devotional on this topic for my brother Glenn.


Misplaced Aggression

When Jack called me while I was working out of town for a few days, I was sure it was not just to say hello, especially when he knew I was already on my way home. He would not want to risk interfering with a meeting I might be in just to have a trivial conversation. So when I saw that I had missed his call, I knew something was up that needed my attention and I immediately called him back. Sure enough, after our usual greetings and a brief catching up, he said: "I hated to bother you, but we have a problem. That heifer that we thought was open has had a calf this morning but she had it up under the electric fence and now she is trying to kill it. Every time the calf tries to get up, she just beIlers and rams it into the ground." (We know the word is 'bellows' but we say 'bellers'). Jack continued: "I was able to get them penned up and separate them, but we are gonna need to do something with it when you get home tonight because it hasn't nursed and it is a good calf."


Feasting On Filler

Well, the hay 'was' free and the cows 'were' fat! The droughts this year threw all kind of curve balls to the cattle and other agricultural industries. Our mature cows came into the fall in pretty good shape in Southeast Alabama. Though we were dry in the spring and early summer, we were blessed to have a lot of big rains in mid July through August. By mid September, we were dry enough that we mowed the leftover crabgrass and begin disking the 45 acres where we plant our winter grazing--but this year when the rain stopped, it stopped!


'Get Some Rest': Not As Easy As It Sounds

Everyone who has ever owned and operated their own farm, especially when livestock or poultry are involved, knows that good rest is hard to come by! It does not matter what day it is, what time it is, what your plans are, what the weather is like, or what everyone else is doing, there are some things that just have to be done and cannot be put off until another day or a better time. For our Cattle for Christ herds, this is especially true in the fall and winter months when the daylight hours are not only shorter, but also when all of the livestock are totally dependent on us to meet their daily needs.


Lessons From Freddy

I will never forget the impact that one man had on my life. He never spoke a word to me. He never looked me in the eye. I am pretty sure that he never even knew that I existed, that I met him or that he impacted my life.


Just Tired and Reflecting

On this particular unusually hot, late October afternoon, Jack was busy hauling and unloading our hay for the winter. Darryl was busy on the other tractor drilling in 45 acres of winter grazing in the cultivated fields that were dry as powder, and I was in town delivering some CFC TRAILBLAZER players, running around trying to get some cottonseed donated from various farmers, and coordinating the borrowing of a couple of peanut wagons to haul and store the seed in until we can feed it up.


Safe Pasture

The Fall season is and has always been my favorite season of the year. I suppose there are several reasons why I love the fall so much. The weather has usually cooled off to the degree that a light weight, blue jean jacket or sweat shirt feels just right. The leaves of the trees have turned and beautiful red, yellow, green, brown, and orange leaves color the landscape. Fall festivals, hayrides, or just sitting by a warm fire on a cool night with family and friends always builds good memories. Just the smell of a camp fire or fireplace brings about a feeling all its own, especially when in the woods or when I am driving through the hills of the Appalachian area going to cattle sales.


Sin: Just Like Fall Army Worms

About the end of July, before the much needed daily thunderstorms starting rolling in from the Gulf, we had been extremely dry. What few showers there had been had been scattered, but somehow they all missed us.


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  • The Gospel & Our Response to God's Grace
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