Monthly Devotions

Blood Cleanses

A couple of weeks ago, we were banding our bull calves using the Callicrate Bander which is a product of one of our Corporate Sponsors. Hank Gaines, one of our Cattle for Christ Board Members, was helping us and we were discussing the pros and cons of banding calves versus the knife version of castration.


Just Cute Little Harmless Pups

I was riding fence just on the four wheeler after a pretty big windstorm had passed through. Several pine tops around the house had been broken off and I was pretty sure that since all of our fencing is electric and most all of it is bordered by woods, that limbs would have wires down somewhere on the place.


Life: A Series of Pipping

One of the greatest blessings of getting to raise your children and grandchildren on the farm is that they get to experience firsthand so many important lessons that prepare them for life and that point them to the God of creation. These experiences enable them to learn life's lessons and create special memories that will be with them for the rest of their lives. Much of their character and worldview will be formed by these experiences.


Just Because He Loves Us!

I was so thankful to hear that the weather was going to be clear and the nights once again cool for the next three days. I was afraid that all the nice spring days were gone for this year and that I had missed my chance. We, (my grandsons Bryant and Bradyn and I) had been talking about, looking forward to and planning this outing for a long time. After months of either too much rain or conflicting schedules, we had now planned our adventure during the upcoming Spring Break and the weather forecast was projected to be perfect. At last, our long anticipated time had come!


No Excuses!

There is just something about the spring season on the farm that makes life better. I love waking up to the cool dew of the morning, drinking a hot cup of coffee and watching the sunrise as I listen to the roosters crow, the goats bleat, the Purple Martins sing and the cows lowing in the distance. I smell the fresh turned dirt from the neighbor's field. The trees are budding, spring grass is growing and the wildflowers and clovers are starting to color the landscape of the pastures. Everything is fresh, everything is new! It seems that all of creation is coming to life.


Oh! Now You Tell Me!

You may remember back in February when I wrote the article: "But You Didn't Tell Me" where I shared a story about my six year old grandson Bradyn getting in trouble at school for talking too much. I explained to him why it was important for him to mind his teacher and to behave and I warned him that his misbehavior not only affected him, but also affected others because someone was always looking up to him as an example. I also shared with Bradyn the traits that I saw in his life and his character that caused me to expect so much from him and that because I loved him, I expected him to live up to his full potential.


Live Like You Were Dying

As I write this, there is an awful lot on my mind. I just recently returned from a full month in the Middle East where we are working with refugees from various war-torn countries. While I was there, as I did in my previous trips to this region, I visited and listened to the horrific stories of many families as they shared what happened to them that caused them to flee, what they endured on the journey and the struggles they are facing now in their refugee status. They also shared about the family and friends they lost along the way.


But You Didn't Tell Me!

My grandson Bradyn is in the first grade. I remember picking him up from school one day during the first week of classes when he said: "Grandad, you know what?" "What son?" I replied. He said: "First grade ain't no joke!" Ha! I know what he was thinking!


Time to Choose

Green grass, trees, running water, toilet seats, clean bathrooms, showers, drinkable water, washers and dryers, dependable electricity, sewage systems, air conditioning, heating, a home, bed mattresses, blankets, refrigeration, stoves, privately owned vehicles, private property, money in the bank, a job, a garden, medical and dental care, general anesthesia, playgrounds, parks, a yard, toys, hobbies, clothing, personal privacy, police protection, public services, personal freedoms, a safe and clean food supply, firewood, warning labels, safety regulations, freedom of speech, gun ownership, lakes, farms, livestock, machinery, automation, good highways, nice hotels, a general feeling of safety and security, grocery stores, eyeglasses, toiletries, ice, pest control, clean rivers and streams, safe schools for our children, school buses, literacy, a society where most people are friendly and considerate, kind or friendly words, nice buildings, civil engineering, the freedom to vote and have a voice in our government, technology, a clean environment, street lights, window blinds. door locks, department stores, fast food restaurants, safe public transportation, power tools, access to God's Word, churches and freedom to worship, the knowledge of God's love and grace.....and the list goes on and on and on of things that I have enjoyed but taken for granted most of my life!!


A Gift for the Man Who Has Everything and Realizes That He Really Has Nothing

Coffee boiled in an open pot is one of the most fragrant and pleasing aromas (along with country ham frying) that I remember from my childhood. It still smells mighty good. Our parents made it every morning. I can't remember how old I was when I started drinking it too, mostly milk, sugar and a little coffee at first but soon black, hot and unsweetened. Our Uncle Lloyd always drank his from his saucer, hot from the pot, and he always kept a pot cooking on the stove. Michael Combs sings I'm Drinking From My Saucer Cause My Cup Has Overflowed that reminds me of Uncle Lloyd. As I got older and started driving I would take a thermos with me on long drives or all day fishing trips. Like Gomer Pyle told Andy, "It keeps hot things hot and cold things cold." He, I think had hot chocolate and ice tea in his. The old thermos bottles had a glass vacuum bottle inside a thin metal jacket. On many occasions after I dropped one, I could hear what sounded like crushed ice inside and knew that it was time to buy a new thermos.


Celebrate the Harvest

My wife loves to gather produce. She loves to pick up potatoes especially sweet potatoes and ooh and ah over how big they are. She finds great joy in looking at a bushel of green beans or beautiful apples. She delights in a big yellow tomato.


Falling Stars

The heavens are a beautiful, miraculous and astounding creation. One of the greatest benefits of living in the country is being able to look out in the dark nights and see the beauty and majesty of the moon and the stars.


Devotions by Year

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  • Blood Cleanses
  • Just Cute Little Harmless Pups
  • Life: A Series of Pipping
  • Just Because He Loves Us!
  • No Excuses!
  • Oh! Now You Tell Me!
  • Live Like You Were Dying
  • But You Didn't Tell Me!
  • Time to Choose
  • A Gift for the Man Who Has Everything and Realizes That He Really Has Nothing
  • Celebrate the Harvest
  • Falling Stars
  • Easier To Lead Than To Drive
  • Weeds, Weeds, Weeds!
  • Grace Is Like Grits
  • We Can’t Do It ‘Ourselves’!
  • I Wouldn’t Make a Good Cowboy
  • What Are We Thinking?
  • Your Walk Talks
  • Activity is No Substitute for Reproduction
  • Who Would Have Ever Thought It?
  • Thankful for Boundaries
  • Cover It Up Or Fix The Problem?
  • What Will Your Legacy Be?
  • I Wish I Had Been There! I Wish I Had Not Forgotten!
  • If God Can Use a Dove....?
  • Hope In The Midst Of Hopelessness
  • I Don't Know You!
  • Like A Straddled Squirrel
  • Sounding the Alarm: This Is Not a Test!
  • Don’t Let The Urgent Keep You From The Most Important
  • We Never Know Who We Have In The Basket
  • Uh Oh--Jesus' Got Toothpaste On His Head!
  • A Moment of Silence is like Preg Checking a Bull
  • A Chicken's Right to Choose
  • Got to Leave Right Now! What Do I Take With Me?
  • He is Able—But if He Does Not!
  • Declarations of Independence: Properity or Destruction?
  • Blackie: One In A Hundred-In More Ways Than One
  • Who Is Holding On The Tightest?
  • That Must Have Been 20 Years Ago!
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  • Keeping Me Awake At Night
  • Better Be Dressed
  • CHRISTMAS My Favorite Time of the Year
  • A Nation Without God is a Nation Without Hope
  • Bush Hogging During a Severe Drought?
  • When the Heart Dies—the Whole Body Dies With It
  • Depopulate and Eradicate (or) Expiate and Propitiate
  • If I Could Only Say One Thing and Had One Last Chance to Say It
  • Go Ahead and Jump Son—Daddy Will Catch You
  • The Final Dispersal
  • Chicken Piping—He Sees Them All
  • “Takes the Teeth Out”
  • Making It Harder Than It Is
  • Why Was He Born?
  • What to do when you don’t know what to do
  • A Dry And Thirsty Land Where No Water Is
  • If Only These People Will Change
  • Go Fishing—You Never Know What You Might Catch
  • Some Droughts are Preventable
  • Celebrating ‘True Freedom’
  • Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone
  • Victory Through Surrender
  • Responding Like a Sick Calf?
  • Our Life’s Investment: A Time for Reflection
  • Preg Checking: Open! Bred! I Ain’t Sure!!
  • Confidence To Face The New Year
  • Two Virgins and a Baby—The Irony and the Gift of Christmas
  • Precious Moments in the Calving Pasture
  • Working On a Building
  • What is the Foundation of Your Faith?
  • To Walk on Water—You Have to Step Out of the Boat
  • Only One Life to Live
  • The Uniqueness of a Mother’s Love
  • A Prayer That God Will Always Answer
  • Lessons from a Boar
  • When You Have Done All You Can Do to Stand: Stand Firm
  • Lowing in the Distance
  • Not My Dirty Feet!
  • Where did it go CFCI devotional
  • The Day ‘Tater’ Died
  • Life’s Lessons from the Chicken Yard
  • Christmas Choices
  • Experiencing God in the Calving Pasture
  • FAMILY: On and Off the Farm
  • Unity is More Than Important—It is Absolutely Essential
  • God, I’m not ______________. I AM!
  • The Rod and the Staff
  • The Good Shepherd Leads the Way
  • The Good Shepherd
  • Blessed to be a Blessing
  • Mama Should Have Named Me Martha
  • FENCES: On the Farm & In Our Lives
  • The Harvest Depends on the Heart
  • The Gospel & Our Response to God's Grace
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