Monthly Devotions

Easier To Lead Than To Drive

I remember when I was about 18 years old working on a construction site trying to push a wheelbarrow full of dirt through a sand bed. As I struggled and wobbled through the sand with the heavy load, the contractor I worked for looked at me and said: "Even a jackass has since enough to pull!" That is all he said and that was all he needed to say!


Weeds, Weeds, Weeds!

It seems that every year our weed problem in the pastures gets worse and worse. Pigweed, ironweed, dog fennels, thistle, horsenettle, blackberry briars, you name it, if it plagues a pasture, we can grow it! Not only do they look bad, they absorb the nutrients and the water we need to grow grass for our cattle. Every good Cattleman knows that to be a good cattle producer, you have to be a good grass farmer.


Grace Is Like Grits

I am pretty sure that the only people who do not like grits are those who have only had the lumpy, unsalted ones served to tourists as they pass through the South. If they ever tasted 'real' grits with plenty of butter, enough salt, a little black pepper and just a little bit of bacon grease, they would go home telling everybody about them. Throw in a little sharp cheddar cheese and they are hooked for life! Serve them with country ham, redeye gravy, cathead biscuits and a couple of fried eggs, hot coffee and a cold glass of milk and the South would soon be overpopulated. Never again would they ask: "What is a grit?"


We Can’t Do It ‘Ourselves’!

I remember when my oldest son Blake was just a small boy always saying: "I do it mysaelf" (spelled to accent his accent). Independent as could be, he did not want us doing anything for him that he thought he could do himsaelf! It did not matter that he most often had no idea how to accomplish the task himself, he thought he could and he wanted to try without any advice or anyone showing him how.


I Wouldn’t Make a Good Cowboy

I have often wondered how I would make it, or if I would even enjoy being a cowboy out west. Don't get me wrong, the horses, the clothes, the lifestyle, the long days, the work and such I know I would enjoy. I could wear the clothes and ride a horse here in Alabama if I wanted to and we already work the long days—so these are not the deal breakers.


What Are We Thinking?

As I write this, my fourth and newest grandson; Daxton Tyler Crumpler, ("Dax") is celebrating his one week old birthday (almost to the hour). He is a beautiful and perfect looking baby if there ever was one. Also, my daughter is just two weeks from delivering my 2nd granddaughter who will be named Brooke Olivia Meredith. In fact, she was just released from the hospital last night where the Doctor was monitoring my daughter's blood pressure and the heartbeat of little Brooke—trying to make her stay in mama for a couple more weeks.


Your Walk Talks

When we planted our winter grazing, we really thought that we were only sowing oats, wheat and ryegrass.  That was all the cattle needed and all we intended to grow.  However, just like last year, when the seed sprouted we had a boat load of pestilent wild turnips that had also found root.


Activity is No Substitute for Reproduction

I remember the days when everyone who read the illustration I am about to use would be able to relate to it in a personal way—their memories would be vivid.  This practice was much more common back then than going out to eat, and it would not be seen as cruel or inhumane.


Who Would Have Ever Thought It?

When Jack and I first started the Cattle for Christ cattle farm, we started by fencing and cross fencing the six acres in front of my house. As the herd grew, we fenced the 30+ acres around Jack's house. As the herd continued to grow, we fenced the 45 acres of cultivatable land where we plant winter grazing and the 60+ acres of the south pastures. Soon, we had the lease on a couple of other pastures donated and even rented yet another farm miles down the road.


Thankful for Boundaries

Imagine a football game where there are no sidelines, yard markers, end zones or rules for play that discriminate between right and wrong. Imagine a baseball game without a strike zone, without foul lines, base lines, or homerun fences. Imagine a race where there is no set direction for the participants to run and no start or finish line. Imagine a shooting range where there is no 'down range' direction and everybody just showed up and fired their weapons whatever direction they wanted to. You can apply this scenario to most any kind of sport and quickly realize that without boundaries and rules, there would be nothing but complete chaos and the games would be dangerous and ultimately meaningless.


Cover It Up Or Fix The Problem?

It all started with just a rotten door, a leaking window and a weak spot under the corner of the shower. Surely in a week or so, everything would be back to normal. Man, did we underestimate what we were in for, what was really needed to fix the problems, and all the obstacles we would face!


What Will Your Legacy Be?

When thinking about your legacy, it is important to think beyond just the next generation or two, but to consider your legacy in the view of what you will leave behind that will have eternal significance. What impact are you making in this life that will last forever, long after this life and this world have passed away? How will your life be remembered and what will you be recognized for not just at your funeral, but for a thousand or even a million or billion years from now when everyone you know will be long passed into eternity? That question does lead to some deep thinking doesn't it?


Devotions by Year

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  • But You Didn't Tell Me!
  • Time to Choose
  • A Gift for the Man Who Has Everything and Realizes That He Really Has Nothing
  • Celebrate the Harvest
  • Falling Stars
  • Easier To Lead Than To Drive
  • Weeds, Weeds, Weeds!
  • Grace Is Like Grits
  • We Can’t Do It ‘Ourselves’!
  • I Wouldn’t Make a Good Cowboy
  • What Are We Thinking?
  • Your Walk Talks
  • Activity is No Substitute for Reproduction
  • Who Would Have Ever Thought It?
  • Thankful for Boundaries
  • Cover It Up Or Fix The Problem?
  • What Will Your Legacy Be?
  • I Wish I Had Been There! I Wish I Had Not Forgotten!
  • If God Can Use a Dove....?
  • Hope In The Midst Of Hopelessness
  • I Don't Know You!
  • Like A Straddled Squirrel
  • Sounding the Alarm: This Is Not a Test!
  • Don’t Let The Urgent Keep You From The Most Important
  • We Never Know Who We Have In The Basket
  • Uh Oh--Jesus' Got Toothpaste On His Head!
  • A Moment of Silence is like Preg Checking a Bull
  • A Chicken's Right to Choose
  • Got to Leave Right Now! What Do I Take With Me?
  • He is Able—But if He Does Not!
  • Declarations of Independence: Properity or Destruction?
  • Blackie: One In A Hundred-In More Ways Than One
  • Who Is Holding On The Tightest?
  • That Must Have Been 20 Years Ago!
  • It's Almost Time
  • Keeping Me Awake At Night
  • Better Be Dressed
  • CHRISTMAS My Favorite Time of the Year
  • A Nation Without God is a Nation Without Hope
  • Bush Hogging During a Severe Drought?
  • When the Heart Dies—the Whole Body Dies With It
  • Depopulate and Eradicate (or) Expiate and Propitiate
  • If I Could Only Say One Thing and Had One Last Chance to Say It
  • Go Ahead and Jump Son—Daddy Will Catch You
  • The Final Dispersal
  • Chicken Piping—He Sees Them All
  • “Takes the Teeth Out”
  • Making It Harder Than It Is
  • Why Was He Born?
  • What to do when you don’t know what to do
  • A Dry And Thirsty Land Where No Water Is
  • If Only These People Will Change
  • Go Fishing—You Never Know What You Might Catch
  • Some Droughts are Preventable
  • Celebrating ‘True Freedom’
  • Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone
  • Victory Through Surrender
  • Responding Like a Sick Calf?
  • Our Life’s Investment: A Time for Reflection
  • Preg Checking: Open! Bred! I Ain’t Sure!!
  • Confidence To Face The New Year
  • Two Virgins and a Baby—The Irony and the Gift of Christmas
  • Precious Moments in the Calving Pasture
  • Working On a Building
  • What is the Foundation of Your Faith?
  • To Walk on Water—You Have to Step Out of the Boat
  • Only One Life to Live
  • The Uniqueness of a Mother’s Love
  • A Prayer That God Will Always Answer
  • Lessons from a Boar
  • When You Have Done All You Can Do to Stand: Stand Firm
  • Lowing in the Distance
  • Not My Dirty Feet!
  • Where did it go CFCI devotional
  • The Day ‘Tater’ Died
  • Life’s Lessons from the Chicken Yard
  • Christmas Choices
  • Experiencing God in the Calving Pasture
  • FAMILY: On and Off the Farm
  • Unity is More Than Important—It is Absolutely Essential
  • God, I’m not ______________. I AM!
  • The Rod and the Staff
  • The Good Shepherd Leads the Way
  • The Good Shepherd
  • Blessed to be a Blessing
  • Mama Should Have Named Me Martha
  • FENCES: On the Farm & In Our Lives
  • The Harvest Depends on the Heart
  • The Gospel & Our Response to God's Grace
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